Rukie Member replied

172 weeks ago


Will be away from 1st sept for 5 days.

Should fine to raid the sat/sun/mon, may even be able to log during if totally needed (rather not ofc), connection will likely suck and on pants laptop xD
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Rukie Member replied

171 weeks ago

Hi all,

Not long got back and have not been able to get online since being away.

Got some bad news I'm afraid :/

While I've been away my 1 tortoise health has gone downhill a lot (got sick before we left and we took him with us to look after him). It looks like he'll need a fair bit of looking after for weeks maybe even months if he is going to have any chance of recovering.

That added to normal irl stuff means I not really going to be able to find the time for serious progressive raiding, at least, not until he gets a lot better or dies… (apparently with torts it takes a very long time for them to get over an illness or a very long time for them to die…)

That said, until Kaylon finds a replacement for me, I am willing to do floors 1-2 for as many weeks as is needed, I just can't spare the time for progression stuff, as a lot of my spare time will now be looking after my tort.

I'll still be playing the game and if anyone needs a craft or w/e just let me know.

Sorry I could not let you know sooner, but even my phone would not work where we were.

:( :(
"Kaylon Neko >> you are a nice person somehow"
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